In any relationship, communication is key. A strong emotional connection with your partner is a crucial part of any relationship. Without it, there isn’t much of a relationship to maintain.  Communication is especially important in order to avoid fights. No matter what stage the relationship is in, communication should be constant and consistent. It is completely normal to face problems in a relationship. Every couple faces some sort of problem or the other. The key is to discuss all the problems patiently, with one another. It’s important not to leave when the going gets tough. Don’t shut the other person out when things get bad. Keep talking, resolving and communicating. Giving your partner the ‘silent treatment’ is extremely immature and childish, so make sure you don’t do that. Ignoring one another is likely to aggravate the situation and make it far worse than it is.


Successful relationships are held together by trust, understanding and forgiveness. Human beings all have the tendency to mess up, from time to time from mood swings to emotional outbursts and so on. Keep an open mind and an open heart. Don’t make the other person beg for forgiveness. If you love them, let things go. Everyone has a tendency to hold on to certain things at some point or the other. However if you want a healthy relationship, as mature adults, you need to let things go. Forgive, forgive, and forgive.

Be supportive

It’s extremely crucial in any relationship to be supportive of one another’s hopes, dreams and ambitions. Even if your partner’s life choices don’t completely make sense to you, try to understand things from their point of view. Try to understand why they do what they do and attempt to support their decisions (unless of course they are somehow harmful). Similarly, if your partner does something good for you or something to make you happy, you should be appreciative and make them feel good about themselves.


What does it mean to trust someone? Having trust means that you put your entire confidence and faith in someone both emotionally as well as physically. You should definitely feel like the other person is reliable. Trusting someone means you know the other person will always be there for you and knowing that you can count on them completely. Trust lays the foundation of any healthy, stable relationship.


Loyalty is perhaps one of the most fundamental traits of any relationship. Loyalty implies commitment and absolute honesty with your significant other. It implies the ability to communicate almost anything with your partner, without any fear or hesitation. In order to be open with your partner, you need to be open with yourself first. Loyalty is more than being faithful in the physical sense of the word; it also implies emotional fidelity. For example, if you are interested in a stranger you meet online and flirt with them on message, this still counts as being unfaithful. You need to be entirely devoted to your significant other. Only then does it mean that you are truly loyal to your partner.