What is self-worth?

Self-worth refers to the ability to value oneself. Most people gauge their self-worth based on their physical appearance, their career advancement, their educational achievements and their social circle. A high self-worth implies that you value yourself as a person and are able to recognize your own strengths. You realise your positives and trust yourself enough to make your own decisions. 

It implies acknowledging that you matter and that your own happiness is primary. It implies taking time out for yourself and taking care of yourself. 

What affects self-worth?

Many people suffer from self-esteem issues and various factors contribute to this. For instance, someone who has been bullied as a child often has the tendency to question his/her self-worth. Similarly, someone who comes from a broken family has a greater likelihood of questioning his/her self-worth. Often people who belong to marginalized communities and are discriminated against also suffer from a lack of self-esteem. Ongoing life stressors, relationship problems such as a separation or divorce lead to low self esteem. Physical and mental issues such as appearance also significantly affect self worth. 

How can you work on improving your self-worth?

  1. Be kind to yourself: We often tend to be too harsh with ourselves. If we started being kinder to ourselves and treat ourselves the way we treat other people, our mental health would significantly improve. 
  2. Exercise: Exercise is a great way to release endorphins or ‘feel-good’ hormones. Exercise also helps with goal-setting, motivation levels and building confidence.
  3. Accept your mistakes: There is no point in beating yourself up over your mistakes. You need to accept that mistakes make you human and everyone makes them. Only once you come to see your mistakes as normal and come to terms with them, can you hope to ever attain self-worth.
  4. Try to set aside time for yourself each day: It is extremely crucial to take time out for self-care each day. Do whatever makes you happy.  Take long baths, cook, do anything that you enjoy which relaxes you. You only get one life. You need to take care of your physical and mental health. 
  5. Supportive friends: Make sure you surround yourself with people who are supportive and make you feel good about yourself, instead of putting you down.