A long-distance relationship is one where you have to live separate from a spouse, significant other, friend, sister, or even parent. It is difficult to maintain close bonds when there are hundreds or even thousands of miles involved, but the tips below may make it easier for you to maintain these important relationships!

Don’t communicate excessively

This one applies particularly to relationships between you and your significant other. Many people in long distance relationships try to overcompensate by communicating excessively with the other person. This isn’t always a good idea because too much communication takes the charm out of any relationship, even long distance ones. Make sure you’re both enjoying your lives separately and don’t spend 12 hours a day talking to one another. You should be living your own lives to the fullest while still helping each other grow.

Do things together

Even when divided by space and time, it is still possible to ‘do things’ with your long distance friend or sibling. For example, you both could both decide to watch a particular movie one night and Skype call through it. You can laugh and make fun of the characters just as you would if you were watching it together. Technology should be taken advantage of after all.

Seize the opportunity

If you’re planning on starting a life with someone, it’s often best to live apart for some time before that. In order to live happily together, you must first learn to live separately. See it as an opportunity to come closer to your significant other.

Set a strict goal

Even if you are currently in a long distance relationship, you need to have certain situations figured out in your mind. For example, perhaps your significant other is in a different country than you because he/she is at a different university than you. Or perhaps, they are working in another country. In any case, you should have decided when you plan on living together. Perhaps you can go to where they are and start a life together. In any case, planning is key.

Visit regularly

In any long distance relationship, it’s important to visit each other regularly, be it a sibling, a parent or a significant other. Although it can be difficult (and costly) to travel long distances regularly, set a target of visiting each other every 3-4 months.

So happy long distancing guys!