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Learn to live with and love yourself and those around you in harmony. Move further down the path to self-love.
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Hey everyone

Betterliving aims to guide you through a better existence. Loving yourself and the world around you is vital in order to achieve the fruitful life you know you want. Discover the world around and the world inside you. Open your eyes to your reality, and make it happen.

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Manage Yourself

Begin living a
more balanced life.
Relationships, time and
money can be difficult to juggle
our design process.

Weigh out
your options and move
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Self Love, The Balance

Should Barbie be Banned?

Be bimbo not brainy,  Thin not thick,  Curvy not chubby. The Barbie Effect has successfully blonde washed your perception of the ideal self. You have also unintentionally procreated a backlash for every feminist or egalitarian hailing “cinnamon rolls not gender…

The Balance

Disabilities do not stop you

Everyone is not born the same and don’t live the same life either. As humans, we all go through many changes in our lives. But the most important change is when we decide to change the way we think. Some…