A universal language exists, void of miscommunication. It triggers a primal understanding, almost directly communicating with instinct. It flows through you, moving through your entire body. 


Music dates back before the very first man who could grunt, hum or bang a stick on a rock. It began with the creation of the earth, when sounds harmoniously conjoined, to create something new. The hummingbirds, a babbling brook, the consistent buzz of the earth, is music.  

 It is about beat it’s about soul. Plato had it right when he said, “Music and rhythm find their way into the secret places of the soul.”

Regardless of globalization the residents of the 21st century have lost much of their ability to communicate. In fact, the world is constantly spinning towards chaos, splattered with war, despair, starvation and genocide. 

One doesn’t need words, to understand another’s culture or being, they merely need to feel the music. Throughout history we have experienced the rise and fall of different genres, punk, rock, jazz, even the classical symphonies of monotonous white men

Every genre erupted at a different time, expressing different ideologies, but each has been understood globally. Music is timeless it can throw you right back into the very second you experienced something. The memories bounce right back into your head, what’s more is the feelings come back too. It has been known to help Alzheimer’s patients and boost memory cognition. 

While beats and melodies tie you to history, they also provoke your creative juices to spill into your future. The motivation and inspiration people receive from music is unmatchable. It is one of the most powerful influencers, drumming itself into your conscience, changing your moods accordingly.  

It seems unrealistic for something as arbitrary as music to affect such significant processes. We listen to music everyday unaware of the countless benefits it bestows on us.

A lead clinical psychologist of Austria General, Franz Wendtner says, “Music is an important part of our physical and emotional well-being, ever since we were babies in our mother’s womb listening to her heartbeat and breathing rhythms.”

Apart from decreasing depression as well as anxiety, music affects our physical reactions, making it significantly beneficial while trying to relax. 

Silence is always a beautiful thing. However, one should never underestimate the power of music and what it can achieve for human beings. Always be open to what you hear and how it could affect you. Use music to move through history and inspire a better future.