when should you be selfish

Everything you do begins and ends with you and you are the only person who spends time with yourself. So, why do you put the needs and wants of others before your own?  Why do you prioritise their routine over yours? Why do you always seek to please others? Is it because you’re a people pleaser? If your answer is yes, then ask yourself why do you feel the need to please people? Is it because you simply want to be accepted by them or because you want them to love you? If yes, then again ask yourself why this is so important for you. 

The most important thing is to remember to accept and love yourself first. You need to love yourself to death! You need to be ready and willing to do everything for yourself,  because this is your life and you owe this to yourself.

This however does not mean that you should be self-centered because being self-centered is entirely different from being selfish. Being selfish means putting yourself and your needs and aspirations before others’. In contrast, being self-centered means you think that everything in the world revolves around you and you alone should be prioritised in every situation. This obviously isn’t fair or practical so let’s stick to being selfish for now.

Why is that being selfish is considered wrong? Being selfish just means putting yourself first which is completely okay and you should never feel guilty about it. You need to look out for yourself instead of waiting for others to look out for you. There are times when you’ll change your entire day’s schedule for other people. When you love someone and care for them, you often tend to take extreme measures just to make them happy. However, we get hurt if we don’t receive the same in return because not everyone is willing to go to the same lengths we would for them.

Being selfish means loving yourself. Unfortunately, most people don’t know how to love themselves. Loving yourself means putting yourself first where it is needed.  This means you are being selfish in a good way because you are not causing trouble to anyone. The bad kind of selfish is where you try to find a gain for yourself which causes brings others down or involves taking advantage of them.

Be selfish when it is about getting your assignments done for college or your tasks done at work because building a career for yourself is important. Be selfish about your routine but do try to make time for others

Being selfish doesn’t ruin your personality. Instead, it makes you into a far stronger and far more valuable person than you are currently. If for example you sleep at 10pm and your friend calls you at 11pm just to talk, be selfish enough to not talk to her because sleeping well should be a priority for you and you can always call her the next day. Don’t wait for someone’s approval even if it’s just for picking out clothes for an event. If you like it, buy it. It doesn’t matter if other people don’t approve. Put your own happiness first and know what’s most important. If someone is sick and needs to go to the hospital meanwhile you have a party to attend. Become selfless enough to take that person to the hospital. But if the situation doesn’t require you to be selfless, then please, go ahead and look out for yourself.