Whenever I have spoken to men and the topic of independence has come up, one thing has always been consistent: neediness is a turn off. The same way women find an independent man attractive, men find independent women more appealing and attractive. To be honest though, who cares about their opinion anyway? Being an independent person allows you to use your money the way you want, whenever you want to.  

Being independent doesn’t mean you don’t need a man. A relationship with your significant other makes you feel comfortable and safe. It is important to be around someone you can trust, who helps you grow into the best version of yourself. However that being said, you should always depend on yourself first. You should be strong and confident enough to believe that you are making the right decision for yourself, and as amazing as someone else may be, only you know what’s really right for you…

Instead of spending all your time waiting for someone to enter your life and make it better, live your best life. Be your own best friend and learn to make your own way in the world. Know what you want and discover how to get it, don’t wait for someone to come and hand it to you. You don’t have to live in your parents house if you’re single, or wait to find a partner. Move in with a friend, or yourself. Work to do the things you want to do.  

Instead of conforming to social norms women should take charge of their lives and live however they choose to. They should acquire the confidence, stability and motivation to achieve anything they desire, even though it might be slightly harder for them.

Making yourself an active part of the community you’re in allows you to develop social responsibility, reliability and respect for yourself and others around you. All people have the ability to be anything they desire, every person is capable of taking care of themselves if they want to.

Don’t be an independent woman to please a man, be an independent person to please yourself.