‘Many of us are sitting in a cage, with the gate wide open.’ 

This statement is particularly meaningful, when you understand the depth of each word. Freedom comes from within the mind and many people are unable to understand that. Freedom is a subjective concept and many people associate it with physical limitations. Freedom is so much more than just having no physical boundaries. It’s about being able to elevate yourself from your physical capacity and let your mind relax. 

The mind and soul need to be free from trivial issues in order to be healthy. Stress, anxiety, jealousy, arrogance, and obsession can easily lead to a toxic mental state, which does not allow one to be happy or even content, during the best of times. If someone is mentally strong, their mind is free and independent of their surroundings. There are many people, who have a difficult time because they feel detached from themselves. To such people, freedom is nothing but a myth or a delusion. Such people get enslaved by their situations and forget that they are in fact, the ones in control. 

Evaluate yourself: 

The first step to any improvement is to identify where the problem lies. Self-evaluation is the key in any situation and it takes courage to accept that things are not ‘picture-perfect.’ Accepting that one has flaws is probably the most difficult, yet the most important thing one should do. After you have evaluated yourself, your activities and your mindset, you are able to understand the problem and derive a suitable solution. 

Forgive yourself and others:

Holding grudges and harbouring hard feelings against people who have wronged you in the past, can really damage your mentality. Forgiveness is an attribute that helps people free their mind of negativity and pain. You learn to move on from things and become, mentally and emotionally stronger.

Look for positivity:

Having a positive outlook helps you see things in a different light. It is much easier to make rational decisions when you think positively. Negativity tends to cloud ones judgment and increases biases. The mind is a confined space and should be free of all negativity. 

Love yourself:

The most important thing one should understand is that self-love is vital for growth. When you prioritize yourself, you become distant from toxic people and situations. This frees you from unnecessary tension and drama. 

‘The chains that prevent us from being free are more mental than physical.’